Permuy Architecture is a premier architecture firm with services also including Interior Design, Urban Planning, Construction Administration, and Owners Representation. 


Our Process


Permuy Architecture is a different kind of architecture firm. In an industry where the standard is to delegate projects to a series of managers with minimal exposure to the client, we offer an alternative with our own distinct approach. Our team engages in an open, interactive, and creative process that gives each project its due individual attention with a personal touch. As such, we work directly with the client every step of the way to assess their unique needs and how to best achieve their goals.


While developing this essential relationship, we become tuned in to the client’s objectives and concerns. This enables us to establish an understanding of how to proceed and achieve the best desired outcome. With both a hard look at the present and a long view of the future, we then assess how the project would interact with its surrounding space and community. Finally, we synthesize and advance all these factors into a concrete and functional result that goes beyond the individual components to exceed expectations and produce our signature Permuy designs. This is how our team delivers world-class results while maintaining an intimate, detail-oriented focus to each project.


Our Story


The story of Permuy Architecture is largely the story of the Permuy family – we are very much a family company and proud of this unique legacy.


Our team has developed a highly evolved design sensibility that draws from a foundation of nearly a century of accomplished and respected experience extending three generations of the Permuy family. With roots stretching back to Spain and France, the Permuy legacy brings rich history and integrity to each project. We offer established expertise in architecture, planning (urban, city, and regional), and interior design across the public and private sectors, working with various organizations nationwide and internationally.


Additionally, the Permuy family has a proud history of supporting the arts. Most notably, firm Principal Jesús Permuy was the founder of the renown Permuy Gallery in Coral Gables. Throughout the 1970s, the Permuy Gallery became an essential hub of the Miami Cuban art scene and was historic as one of the first Cuban art galleries in South Florida. With its celebrated “Friday gallery nights,” long-running salon discussion series, corporate functions and other popular events, the gallery helped revitalize Cuban art in America. This was made possible by the talent of several leading artists, including: Víctor Manuel, Amelia Peláez, Wifredo Lam, René Portocarrero, and Juan Gonzalez, to name a few. Many of the featured artists were personal friends while others had just launched their careers. The Permuy Gallery provided artists of all varieties an opportunity to display their work on equal footing and the public free access to fine art. The success of the gallery motivated the family to do more to support the greater Miami area culturally in the following decades.


Scholars and leaders alike have noted the family’s impact on the arts. Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen called the Permuys “key figures of Miami Cuban art” (2017) and esteemed art historian and author Dr. Lynette Bosch stated “That early art world could not have happened without them” (2018). The Permuys remain active in the arts as collectors and as collaborators on projects with several international artists. Additionally, in a nod to the enduring legacy of the Permuy Gallery, the firm carries an ongoing tradition of hosting an annual art exhibition at the end of each year to celebrate the year’s successes and spotlight local artistic talent.


Art, therefore, along with urban planning, is another distinguishing aspect that plays a key role in defining Permuy designs. This is evident in landmark architecture projects of all scales such as One Bayfront Plaza, and grand urban planning endeavors such as the establishment of the Jose Martí community Park, as well as the rebuilding of the capital city San Salvador following the catastrophic 1986 earthquake that ravaged El Salvador. This legacy has been recognized and honored by the United States Congress, Miami-Dade County, and the cities of Miami and Coral Gables.


Our Philosophy


Our rich foundation is reinforced by our team’s commitment, specializations, and insights that expand our firm’s collective experience beyond its individual parts. Our experience is balanced and paired with fresh, innovative vision to achieve impressive results.


We make every structure a statement, then craft and refine that statement to suit its distinct circumstances and location. Conceptually, each signature Permuy design stands out effortlessly yet elegantly and without clashing with its surroundings. We strive to highlight the best of a project’s context and surroundings – past, present, and future – so that it embraces its community from the start. We see this as the core of our higher mission as architects, planners, and designers: to use architecture as a vehicle to capture the highest ideals of a people and position them for growth.


In this, the true power of design is on full display as it transcends the surface of a structure and is worked deep into its interiors and intrinsic functionality. Our personalized process is essential as we insist on taking a layered, dynamic approach that encompasses the social, economic, and cultural aspects of the area where the project is located. This ensures that the project may best serve the needs of the community. Our high standards demand that we consistently deliver quality designs that guarantee each project reach its highest potential in every category. As such, we are committed to utilize responsible, sustainable designs with specially suited added-value features, such as LEED-certification, that communicate a level of attention to detail that sets us apart from the rest of the field.


Finally, collaboration and communication are vital to our philosophy. As each project brings its own unique set of challenges, we work as a team to find creative solutions to each that reflect our unique depth of experience. All of our original workflows from a place of authentic passion for design, first and foremost. Simply put, it is why we do what we do. Our forward-thinking designs stem from applying this passion to a highly collaborative and original approach utilizing our unique backgrounds and perspectives to arrive at an exciting and vibrant result that all involved take pride in. This is the ultimate goal for every project.


Every Permuy Architecture project is a culmination of this pioneering creative process, background, and philosophy. This is how we achieve our mission to make each project, consultation, and partnership a lasting success with far-reaching impact.

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